Everyone Deserves A Loving Community.

A Multiethnic Church For Atlanta

Sundays @ 9:00a & 11:00a


A church that strives to look and act like Jesus.

Everyone should have a community will partner with them on their journey towards Jesus. We create places where people can know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and make a difference so that they authentically practice the way of Jesus and experience the abundant life that God has for them.

Jesus Is Different

We are all looking for a place to accept us while we wrestle with our beliefs. Most communities require conformity to belong. This is not the way of Jesus. He loves first and then invites us to discover the joy of following Him. Renovation is a church that strives to model this. So that like Jesus we can make a difference in your life and our world.

Be A Part of A Community
Build a relationship with God
Discover Who You Are

Your Journey To Belong

Pick A Sunday

We gather every Sunday at 9:00a & 11:00a to experience the joy of Jesus and His People

Let Us Know You're Coming

Stepping into a new church can be disorienting. Let us make that day easier for you. 

Start Your Journey

Our Sunday Services are made with you in mind. From the smiling faces to the donuts.

Everyone should have a community where they can be loved while they work out what they believe.


Being at Renovation has given me the ability to be with people who are working towards the same goals. The community has been amazing to be a part of.

Chris & Lauren

The vulnerability, honesty, and overall realness from leadership and members cultivates a true safe space for anyone of any culture at any point in their walk to feel welcome and wanted.


The authenticity of people and leadership helped me to be more vulnerable and honest about my journey with Jesus. You truly have the freedom to work on your spiritual growth.

New Series Beginning Nov 12

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