Hello Beautiful People ,I hope all of you are well! Last Sunday was special. This Love & Marriage series has been a blessing for my family. We got some exciting, and secretive, things happening at the church. Small Groups are live baby! We are a church of small groups that meet on Sunday Morning and it’s never too late to register. We have team night coming, a future partnership that will melt your heart, and a secret announcement from PL. Look Below for more details. Ya’ll are a gift. I love y’all. Grace and Peace 

Team night is our biannual celebration where as a church, we get to honor and celebrate our ambassadors. Renovation does not move without these amazing leaders. Therefore we consider it a joy to celebrate yall. We will have giveaways, dinner, and Childcare. All current ambassadors and future ambassadors are welcome. Please do us a favor and register so that we can have accurate numbers for food and child care. We look forward to celebrating you! Sunday, February 27th @ 6:00p Dinner and Childcare Provided


February 27: Matthew 25 SundayOn this side of heaven, we all have experienced varying degrees of suffering. Some people have received the full brunt of the curse and we would consider them “The Least of These”. We have partnered with World Vision for a week-long experience in learning more about what it means to be “the least of these.” February 27 is the kick-off day. I can’t wait to see you there.March 6: Something Special Is Happening

Serve In Giving (APEST)God’s story of redemption is told through the generosity of his people. We are reminded of that truth every time we see the impact that your ministry has on a child of God.SERVE IN GIVING

Women’s Weekly (Teaching)If you would like to receive weekly discipleship materials written by and for the women of Renovation, subscribe to our Women’s Weekly Email List. Subscribe Here

Parent Discipleship Resources (Shepherding & Teaching)We have several resources for all our parents as we equip you to disciple your children. By popular demand, we have created a youtube playlist with all the worship songs we use for RKM. Parent Cue App: Download Now

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