Holy MondayWith the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, Jesus announced Himself to all as the Messiah, fulfilling the prophecy (from Zechariah) that the King would come to Jerusalem on a donkey. The people celebrated by waving palm fronds and laying them down to form a path for His feet. What are Jesus’ first recorded acts after this event? He cleanses the temple, curses the fig tree and responds to the questioning of His authority by the religious leaders. What does this tell us? Jesus hates dead religion. He is angered by callous handling of holy, precious things and by the unfruitfulness of those who are meant to give life to the world. We should feel the weight of this. How often are we lukewarm in response to the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection? How often are we unfruitful, failing to share that good news with the people who cross our paths? It is so heavy to consider. God is perfect and holy. He will never change. But He is also the Way Maker. In Jesus, we can be fruitful. Alone, we are withered branches, but God has grafted us into the Life-giving Vine. He has filled us with divine power in the Holy Spirit. All of this is made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As we cling to Jesus, we will always be ready to bear the fruit of His Eternal Kingdom.PrayLord Jesus, thank You for the death you died so that I could have true life. I cling to You as my source of life. Produce heavenly fruit in me, no matter the season. Fill me with power to fulfill Your purpose for me in the world. Make my heart tender again. Protect me from cold-heartedness toward holy, precious things. Help me to laugh over the things that bring You joy and weep over the things that break Your heart. Thank you that You are mine and I am Yours forever. Amen.ReadMatthew 21:12-27; John 15:1-3