Beautiful People,I don’t know about yall, but this week’s sermon on a New Story messed me up. If you have’’t heard it yet, listen to it ASAP, and then send it to a friend. (Link is at the bottom) This week we have a packed TWAR for you. Pastor Léonce continues his ongoing blog series on changing your mind. We’ve got an update Free99Fridge, an All Ambassador Training coming, and much more. So I’m gonna make this short. Love Yall.

Baptism | May 22



If you are planning on leading a Small Group this summer, particularly if it is for the first time, you should be a part of our small group leader trainings. Every Sunday May 8 – May 22.


 Pastor Léonce Most Recent Blog PostChange Your Thoughts. Change Your Life. – Pt. 2

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 All Ambassador Training

Bom Dia, family!On Sunday, May 22, we are hosting an All Ambassador Training in place of our Leader Lunch. The training is not just another meeting; it is an opportunity to receive vision and training for you and your teams to continue to love people well and do excellent work as we make a difference in the lives of others through our service.God has done and is doing great things in our community, and we want to be equipped and positioned to experience it all and cultivate that experience for others.If you serve on an Ambassador Team please communicate with your teammates–text or call is best–and ensure we get as close to 100% turnout as possible! Childcare will be provided for those that register their children, and as always, we will eat because… food.Bless you, all. It is such an honour to serve alongside you!- PL

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 Free99Fridge Update


Join us on Sunday for our breakdown of that weeks sermon.


Give God Your First And Your Best (APEST)God’s story of redemption is told through the generosity of his people. We are reminded of that truth every time we see the impact that your ministry has on a child of God.SERVE IN GIVING

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Parent Discipleship Resources (Shepherding & Teaching)We have several resources for all our parents as we equip you to disciple your children. By popular demand, we have created a youtube playlist with all the worship songs we use for RKM. Parent Cue App: Download Now

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