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“Even if I pay off every debt, build a fully funded emergency fund, invest wisely for retirement, save for my children’s college fund, and pay off my house early, I could still be missing the most important personal finance principle—giving!”

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 Grand Opening | September 18th, 2022 | 10:00a & 11:45a

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At its core, a Small Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other, and that’s why we have Small Groups. Whether you’re new to groups, leading for the first time, or a seasoned leader, there’s a place for you!As we prepare for our church launch, we need sacrificial leaders to lead the harvest of God’s people into a closer relationship with Christ. During our fast and your prayer time, ask God what he would want you to lead…….and answer that call to lead.Small Group Leader Trainings Schedule:August 21st – 1 pmAugust 28th – 1 pmSeptember 4th – 1 pmSeptember 11th – 1 pm

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Give God Your First And Your Best (APEST)God’s story of redemption is told through the generosity of his people. We are reminded of that truth every time we see the impact that your ministry has on a child of God.

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As we approach our Grand Opening and moving to two services on September 18, I’ve really been praying and working to prepare my heart not only for the amazing things that God is going to do, but also for the changes that it will bring to my week. We had a long “cozy” time during covid to “rest.” Now here we go! It’s time to get out in the field and see the harvest that God is preparing. I am seriously buzzing with excitement to see all that God is going to do!

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Parent Discipleship Resources (Shepherding & Teaching)We have several resources for all our parents as we equip you to disciple your children. By popular demand, we have created a youtube playlist with all the worship songs we use for RKM. Parent Cue App: Download Now