Hey There Beautiful People,

It has been a minute since I have written a TWAR. Today I am breaking your cocoon of peaceful silence with not only the fantastic work you are doing in God’s Kingdom but with an update on some changes happening to this weekly blog post. Over the year or so, the weekly post of the “goings on” within your church has split between looking at what is just happening (the previous Sunday-Tuesday) and a look at what is coming up (the following Thursday- Sunday). There were many reasons for this, but now with the introduction of the other mediums of communication we have, that time frame of info seems redundant.

So starting today, you can aspect the weekly post to be almost entirely about what is happening in the upcoming week. For example, today’s TWAR is all about what is happening the week of October 24th. We hope this change will help keep you informed on what your church is doing in a timely manner.

In addition, we have heard your feedback that reading is fun, but videos are easier. Over the next several weeks, you should start to see more videos from leaders within your church and written details. With that said, less talk, more action – on to the TWAR.

  • Love yall, Pastor Doug.


Saturday Morning Prayer

Every Saturday at 9:30a at Water Place


This Sunday | Magnificent 7 Week Six | The Heretic



We are on our journey of the questionable people that God used to do remarkable things with our first look into the New Testament. The Apostle Peter, who became one of the early church’s foremost leaders, started as a heretic of his faith.


At The Movies | November 6th


The movies you love are saying more than you know.

Film is a universal language. Nearly every story told connects to some part of our own. Join Renovation Church as we look to some of our favorite films to see how the stories they are telling can transform our own.

At The Movies Family Movie Nights

We have a community family movie night on November 4th, 11th, and 18th in our Water Place parking lot. This is an opportunity for not only your family to experience the community of your church, but for your friends and neighbors. The movies will start at 7:30p (shortly after dusk). More info and invitations will be available soon.


Pastor Léonce Most Recent Blog

Have you ever done the right thing the wrong way? Or, have you ever done something wrong—even sinful, as followers of the way of Jesus would say—but for the right reasons? We sometimes find ourselves on complicated moral terrain, and when we do, perhaps we wonder how to weigh our choices. Consider the true story behind the movie Schindler’s list. As a Nazi party member credited with saving more than 1,000 Jews from the Holocaust, Oskar Schindler was nothing if not a complex personality. To save those lives, he had to lie many times. He did what many of you—what I—would consider a wrong thing for the right reasons. Yet, any of us would unlikely have him do it differently. I do not know how many of you relate to his morally tenuous conduct, but every one of us—most notably me—has been deceptive. You have shaded the truth to achieve even a noble outcome. We have all done the wrong thing for what we believed were the right reasons.

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