A six-week journey to find freedom from hurry. 

“The smartest and best man I have known jotted down some thoughts about hurry; I think they were posted in his kitchen when he died. ‘Hurry involves excessive haste or a state of urgency. It is associated with words such as hurl, hurdle, hurly-burly, and hurricane. [Hurry] is a state of frantic effort one falls into in response to inadequacy, fear or guilt. We should take it as our aim to live our lives entirely without hurry. We should form a clear intention to live without hurry. One day at a time. Trying today.’” – John Ortberg.

These words sound out like a bell, tolling to remind us of the choices we have made and make that lead to such an unsuitable, unsustainable, and stingy life. A life that is the very opposite of the abundance Jesus promises to those who follow Him.

We will not be tracking through Comer’s book specifically. Instead, we will draw from the Scriptures the central biblical themes that actually undergird Comer’s work. We encourage you to get and read the book, or join one of the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Small Groups.

The hope over these several weeks is that you would be truly challenged and transformed. Challenged so deeply perhaps, that you are moved to alter your rhythms of life, drive the speed limit, and stop equating excessive vacationing with actual rest for your soul.

Week 1: Ruthless

Week 2: Unhurried 

Week 3: Withdraw

Week 4: Sabbath

Week 5: Simplicity

Week 6: Slowing

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